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EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Downs and Keepers

EZ Grabbit is our 6" (150mm) device and is considered the "all around" tarp tie down. We sell 10 times more EZ Grabbits than any other device. Chances are you want to start with EZ Grabbits.

The only funtional difference between our classic and standard EZ Grabbit is the standard EZ Grabbit can be readily mounted to a surface. The classic EZ Grabbit cannot. However, with some custom modification the classic EZ Grabbit can also be mounted.

All our EZ Grabbits are great values but the classic EZ Grabbit is practically a steal. Get your classic EZ Grabbits while supplies last. Get your standard EZ Grabbits anytime. Either way you'll be getting what many believe to be the best tarp tie down ever made!

Our Keeper product comes from our cargo tie down system. It is ideal for use with mounted tarp holds on trucks and trailers. The mounted truck and trailer holds are mounted EZ Grabbits. Please visit our website for more details about the Keeper.

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