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Grabbit Tarp Tie Downs

EZ Grabbit is our 6" (150mm) device and is considered the "all around" tarp tie down. We sell 10 times more EZ Grabbits than any other device. Chances are you want to start with EZ Grabbits.

Mini Grabbit is our 1.625" (40mm) device and is ideal for light weight tarp shelters and light weight emergency kits. If you travel lightly as a backpacker (for example). Mini Grabbit is for you.

Long Grabbit is our 20" (500mm) device and is ideal for securing large spans of material. If your an industrial tarp user and like to make large tarp city caliber shelters, cover haystacks, etc. a handful of Long Grabbits might be just what you need alongside your EZ Grabbits.

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